Ocean, Mountains, Vineyards

Group 1: 19.11.2024 - 27.11.2024 (Spots - 16, Free - 7)

Group 2: 08.15.2024 - 15.12.2024 (Spots - 16, Free - 0)

Group 3: 08.15.2024 - 15.12.2024 (Spots - 16, Free - 6)

Join us on an unforgettable journey through South Africa, where you'll explore the most fascinating corners of the country. Walk through one of the world's greatest cities, Cape Town, and visit the extreme southern tip of the African continent, the Cape of Good Hope. Trek through South Africa's breathtaking nature reserves, navigating gorges and tropical jungles. Stay at a vineyard, savoring the finest New World wines at sunset. Drive along Chapman's Peak Drive, one of the world's most scenic routes, hugging the rocky ocean shore. Embark on a sea voyage to witness whales and sharks up close, and so much more.
So, in numbers
9 days
An exciting itinerary along the most beautiful coastline of the African continent
4 adventures
The pearl of South Africa - the city of Cape Town, trekking in the Table Mountain Nature Reserve, a trip through the vineyards, a boat trip in Hermanus
+ 20 locations
Mountain peaks, nature reserves, wineries, rocky coves and sandy beaches
in details
Tour program
Day 1. Arrival in Cape Town.
Arrival and group assembly in Cape Town - one of Africa's most renowned cities. Situated at the southern tip of the African continent, it boasts a stunningly picturesque location with a rugged coastline marked by towering cliffs. The turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean splash against its numerous scenic beaches, and the colorful, yet California-esque urban landscape sharply contrasts with other African cities. Did you ever imagine a modern cosmopolitan metropolis here? You'll be even more surprised as we begin exploring the city. Today is a free day to acclimate and recover from the long flight. We will check into our hotel, watch the sunset on the waterfront, and head to a coastal dinner, soaking in the city's atmosphere with music and the sound of waves.
Day 2. Cape Town.
Let's catch up on sleep after our long flights and get ready to explore Cape Town! Today, we'll visit all the most iconic and interesting sights. First, we'll head to Cape Town's famous coastline, a beautiful stretch of beaches interspersed with luxurious mansions and villas, featuring long promenades along the cliffs and stunning ocean views. In the afternoon, we'll visit Signal Hill and explore the historic city center, including the Bo-Kaap district with its colorful houses and Art Deco architecture. As sunset approaches, we'll hike up to one of the city's best panoramic viewpoints - Lion's Head. From the summit, we'll enjoy breathtaking views of the city and its extensive coastline. We'll savor the last rays of the setting sun before descending for dinner at one of the coastal restaurants.
Day 3. Cape of Good Hope
Today, we embark on a journey to the Cape of Good Hope, a legendary site sailed past by the explorer Vasco da Gama in his search for a sea route to India. His successful expedition named this cape, located at the southern end of the African continent, the Cape of Good Hope, signifying the opening of a new trade route. Our route to the cape will take us along the stunning Chapman's Peak Drive, a scenic road combining mountain switchbacks and breathtaking coastal landscapes.

We'll spend the first half of the day exploring the turquoise bays around the cape, visiting a beach home to a penguin colony. Then, we'll reach our final destination, where we'll climb to the old lighthouse and walk along the massive cliffs stretching along the coast of the Cape Peninsula.
Day 4. Table Mountain, Helicopter Flight, Surfing
Today, we will ascend Table Mountain, a landmark that has symbolized the city for centuries. For ages, the mountain's grand silhouette has welcomed ships from all over the world into the coveted bay of Cape Town. We'll stroll along the extensive summit of this massive mountain, where each twist in the trail reveals new breathtaking vistas. From a bird's eye view, we'll see the entire vast bay of Cape Town unfold before us, with the chance to quietly watch the waves crashing against the shore far below.

In the afternoon, prepare for an exhilarating experience: a helicopter ride over Cape Town and the surrounding Cape Peninsula. The views will be truly stunning! From the helicopter, you'll see Cape Town in all its glory and natural diversity. To end the evening, we'll head to Blouberg Beach, the best surfing spot in Cape Town, where you'll have the opportunity to try surfing under the guidance of a professional instructor. For dinner, we'll visit another iconic Cape Town establishment.
Day 5. Noordhoek and Hout Bay
Today, we will visit the stunning Nordhoek Nature Reserve, where the sand is as white as chalk and the water exhibits such vibrant shades that it's almost hard to believe. We'll explore the most beautiful long beaches, lighthouses, cozy bays, and the unique rocky patterns of the coastline. Next, we'll head to the town of Hout Bay and take a boat trip to a large colony of seals residing on a nearby island. In the evening, we'll show you another off-the-beaten-path spot favored by kite surfers called Misty Cliffs. Here, massive waves crash against the shore, which is lined by one of the most beautiful scenic roads in South Africa. This picturesque stretch is often visited by Hollywood film crews for its breathtaking views.
Day 6. Stellenbosch. Vineyards
This morning, we will head to Stellenbosch, the wine capital not only of South Africa but of the entire African continent. Surrounding this small yet vibrant town are extensive vineyards and dozens of diverse wineries. We have selected the best, most picturesque, and atmospheric ones for you. We will spend the whole day moving from one wine estate to another, tasting the finest red, white, and rosé wines of the region, and strolling through the fantastical landscapes of the sprawling vineyards, whose scenery rivals the famous wine estates in Tuscany or Provence. In the evening, we will check into a hotel situated on a villa right on one of the vineyards.
Day 7. Stenlenbosch and Franschhoek
The areas around Stellenbosch and the neighboring wine town of Franschhoek are so beautiful and diverse that we simply cannot spend just one day there. These are places where you want to linger, gaze into the horizon, take leisurely strolls, and simply enjoy the moment. Today, we will also visit the historic museum in Stellenbosch to learn about the origins of these areas and the distinctive architectural style of the local mansions.

Another popular activity here is food pairing. You won't just taste wines, but also pair them with foods specially selected by winemakers to complement each variety. Now imagine this happening on a panoramic terrace with views of mountains and fields - the perfect hedonistic retreat! In the evening, we'll visit a viewpoint overlooking Franschhoek, another beautiful town whose surroundings are often compared to the landscapes of Provence. We'll watch the sun set behind the green hills and then head out for dinner.
Day 8. Hermanus and Shark Sea Walk
Our adventures continue as we embark on a road trip along the stunning route from Cape Town to the charming town of Hermanus. Along the way, we will visit numerous attractions: pristine bays, deserted beaches with white sand, and dramatic cliffs and rocks. However, the highlight of this journey is the opportunity to see great white sharks. You can either watch them from the safety of a boat or, for the more daring, enter a special cage that is securely enclosed on all sides. Wearing a wetsuit and goggles, you'll be able to observe these magnificent creatures underwater! This thrilling adventure is open to all willing participants in our group.
Day 9. Flight home
The holidays are coming to an end, and so is our program. However, if you have the time and desire, you can extend your stay at one of the resorts near Cape Town. Here, you can relax and savor the unforgettable experiences you've had during the trip in a leisurely setting.
Comfortable accommodation
Valid until 25.06.2024. Next - 2600$

  • Included in the price:
    • Accommodation along the entire route (2 people per room)
    • Transport along the entire route
    • Helicopter flight
    • Wine tastings in Stellenbosch wineries
    • Payment for all passes and permits to stay in protected areas
    • Sea trip to the sharks
    • Tickets for all paid attractions included in our program
    • Any necessary assistance along the entire route
  • Not included in the price:
    • Flights Your City - Cape Town - Your City (from $800)
    • Insurance
    • Meals in cafes and restaurants (from $40 per day)
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    You are looking for real adventure
    Traveling to the other side of the world is always the maximum escape from everyday life. You will forget about work, the daily routine, and experience real, vivid emotions - all this is there, in the African savannah.
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    You want to switch completely
    This year has not been the easiest. Therefore, we will try to do everything so that you forget about any city problems, home or work worries and leave them all in the old year. We will be completely immersed in the wild nature, clean mountain air and bright sun of the African coast. In friendly company we will go through an amazing adventure, fully enjoying the present moment.
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    You lack inspiration
    These are emotions that change your life. Perhaps you feel that you are mentally stuck in place and want to move on and get a second wind. Or maybe you just want to have an interesting time and fill yourself with new impressions. Such an eventful trip is the ideal option to do this. You will find yourself on the other side of the world, see the extreme point of the African continent, feel the full power of the merger of two oceans and come into contact with a completely different culture - you will do what others have only read about in books.
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Necessary equipment
You definitely need to have the following things with you to feel comfortable on your hike. If necessary, our specialists will advise you on all points of interest.
  • Jacket
    moisture and windproof
  • Thick sweater
    fleece or warm thick wool sweater
  • First aid kit
    with the set of medications you need
  • Swimsuit
  • Thin poloneck
    made of fleece (or a thin woolen sweater) with a high, tight neck
  • Walking pants
    breathable synthetics, cotton or other breathable fabric
  • Walking sneakers or trekking boots
    definitely already well worn
  • Sun glasses
    with good protection
  • SPF sunscreen
  • T-shirts
    breathable synthetics or cotton, 3-4 pcs.