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Most Beautiful Destinations in the world

Out of Town

Most Beautiful Destinations in the world

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About us
We make unique trips along the most beautiful routes. When building a program for a particular country, we are always based solely on personal experience.
why go with us?
Just 3 reasons
First: Unique Routes
We consistently provide a curated itinerary, featuring exclusively the finest destinations each country has to offer.

We guarantee to never include a location in your journey that doesn't inspire us.
Second: An Individual Approach
Unlike mass tour operators, we steer clear of producing impersonal, off-the-shelf tours designed to profit from souvenir sales. Instead, we specialize in crafting tours to the world's most breathtaking locales, striving to create a lively, thrilling, and unparalleled experience for our guests.
Third: A Pleasant Price
We meticulously refine our tours to achieve the best possible balance of cost and quality, ensuring maximum comfort for our clients.
Ilya Gorelof
Travel has always been my lifelong passion, taking me to 58 countries worldwide.

This project was born from our understanding of the challenges in organizing a genuinely captivating and eventful journey within the constraints of a limited vacation time and budget. Relying on mass tour operators often means gambling with quality, while planning a trip independently is exceedingly time-consuming, especially when balancing work and personal responsibilities. Moreover, there's no guarantee that an itinerary crafted with weeks of meticulous planning will be practical. Our tours are conceived from personal experiences and meticulously refined, discarding the superfluous and seamlessly integrating the exceptional. We aim to provide you with a rich blend of remarkable destinations and unforgettable moments.
We're passionate about Nepal and regularly organize trekking expeditions across its breathtaking landscapes. Interested in joining us for an adventure in Nepal? Select a trek that resonates with your spirit and dive into all the details that pique your curiosity!
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Those who traveled with us share their impressions.

Philosophy of the author's tour
The tour operator industry is currently experiencing a significant oversaturation. Numerous agencies clutter the market with generic tours that offer little beyond standard flight and accommodation packages, failing to provide travelers with a genuine insight into their destination. This prevalent model of impersonal, cookie-cutter travel undermines the essence of exploration—seeking new experiences. After all, the allure of visiting a new country dims when one's experience is confined to the polished confines of a hotel and a predictable beach setting. While high-quality service is a global standard, it falls short of delivering the unique exoticism and cultural immersion that distinguish travel.

The advent of social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook is reshaping consumer expectations for travel in Russia. The traditional package tour is losing its appeal in favor of distinctive, picturesque destinations highlighted in social feeds and travel vlogs. Travelers are increasingly in pursuit of extraordinary experiences and the thrill of discovery, seeking out exotic locales and personalized itineraries that range from individualized excursions and yoga retreats to trekking adventures.

At the heart of this new travel ethos is the demand for thoughtfully curated, author-driven tours that offer more than just a checklist of sights. Such tours should provide a deep, enriching experience that reflects the unique attributes of each city and country.

Out of Town agency is at the forefront, crafting bespoke tours to destinations like Nepal, Tibet, and India. Unconstrained by airline schedules, we welcome adventurers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, and beyond, offering a broad spectrum of travel experiences, from cultural tours to hiking and trekking adventures.

Our treks through Nepal, India, and Tibet, home to the majestic Himalayas, are particularly sought after. We meticulously organize treks in various Nepalese regions, including Annapurna, Everest, and Mustang. Our clients, hailing from across Russia and the CIS, have experienced the wonders of the Annapurna Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek, and Everest Base Camp Trek.

For those intrigued by the Himalayas but not keen on extensive trekking, our Tibet tours offer an appealing alternative. Jeep tours, which require minimal physical preparation, navigate through iconic locations like Everest and Lhasa, offering a comfortable yet thrilling adventure. India's Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh regions also offer mesmerizing trekking routes close to the Himalayan peaks.

Our tours are born from personal experience, crafted by our hands and hearts to highlight the most awe-inspiring and culturally rich aspects of each destination. As demand for such personalized travel experiences grows, we remain dedicated to ensuring each journey is thoughtfully planned to unveil the true essence of these remarkable regions.