Trekking in Nepal

*Trekking is a hiking trip in nature that does not require any special training. The trekking route is always planned in advance and leads from point A to point B. Trekking is an opportunity to see the landscapes and people of another country from the inside, away from highways and tourist crowds. Trekking routes are suitable for every physically healthy person. Most treks in Nepal do not involve overnight stays in the wild, since every few kilometers of the route there are mountain guest houses - lodges - in the villages.
Why Nepal? The answer is simple!
Trekking in Nepal is:
  • 1
    The most beautiful views
    Views as majestic as these are unparalleled, placing you squarely in the heart of the Himalayas, where towering, snow-capped peaks emerge around every bend. The mornings and evenings are graced with sunrises and sunsets that paint the sky in breathtaking hues, while the nights unveil a star-studded canvas like no other.
  • 2
    Real adventures
    Only on a long trek you can forget about the metropolis and civilization, be left alone with stunning nature, immerse yourself in an amazing culture, and feel like a wanderer in unknown lands - vivid emotions are guaranteed!
  • 3
    Nature diversity
    No place on the Earth can offer such natural diversity as the Himalayas. The whole spectrum is represented here: forests and jungles, deserts and canyons, alpine meadows, and the world's highest snow-capped peaks, as well as a huge number of mountain rivers, lakes, and waterfalls.
  • 4
    No overnight stays in tents or in the wild. During the trek, you will spend the night in mountain guest houses - lodges specially equipped for travelers. You don’t need to bring food with you either - you will eat according to the menu in cafes that are organized in the villages. Moreover, you don’t have to carry a heavy backpack with your belongings on your back while hiking. Nepal is one of the few places where porter service exists everywhere. The porter will carry your things for you without any problems for a very reasonable fee.
  • 5
    The vast majority of Nepalese treks do not require special technical training. Any healthy person in normal physical shape can walk these routes.
  • 6
    Sacred places
    In the mountains you will see a large number of Buddhist and Hindu temples, monasteries, and secluded monastic cells, you will see ascetic monks who decided to live in solitude in the mountains, and you will come into contact with an ancient culture.
Our treks in Nepal
We select only the most impressive and beautiful routes
Spring 2024
Group 1: 04/06/2024 - 04/19/2024 (16 spots, 0 free)
Group 2: 04/06/2024 - 04/19/2024 (16 spots, 5 free)

Fall 2024
10/13/2024 - 10/26/2024 (Spots - 16, Free - 8)
The Annapurna Circuit Trek, often referred to as the Annapurna Trek, stands as a hallmark of Nepal and ranks among the world's most spectacular treks, celebrated for its stunning natural diversity. In our exclusive rendition of the trek, we've incorporated a four-day detour from the main path, a segment our participants unanimously hail as unforgettable. This detour leads to Lake Tilicho, one of the world's highest mountain lakes, offering an experience like no other.

Moreover, our journey delves deep into the rich tapestry of the Annapurna Conservation Area, traversing several climatic zones. We navigate through the world's deepest gorge, encounter cascading waterfalls, meander alongside mountain streams, and marvel at unique geological formations. Our path crosses the renowned Thorong-La Pass, where a 360-degree panorama of the Annapurna massif unfolds before us. We visit the solitary retreat of a hermit nun perched atop a hill near Manang, explore Lower Mustang—a region where the essence of Tibetan Buddhism is meticulously preserved—and much more, making for an unparalleled trekking adventure.

Spring 2024
04/25/2024 - 05/12/2024 (Spots - 16, free - 6)
Fall 2024
01.11.2024 - 18.11.2024 (Spots - 16, free - 9)
The legendary trek to the foot of the highest mountain in the world - Everest. It has a “cult” status among all mountain hikers. Only on this trek you will see the highest peaks of the world and truly feel what the epic beauty of the mountains is. You will visit the most interesting places in the largest national park of Nepal, Sagarmatha, visit Everest Base Camp, where you can see and communicate with real climbers who undergo long training before the ascent, meet the sunrise at the top of Kala Patar, from which you can see 6 of the highest mountains on the planet, see mountain research stations and sacred monasteries, experience the unique flavor of local Sherpa villages.
Spring 2024
Group 1: 04/27/2024 - 05/06/2024 (Spots - 16, Free - 4)

Fall 2024
Group 2: 01.11.2024 - 10.11.2024 (Spots - 14, Free - 8)
This renowned and widely favored trek is suitable for enthusiasts of all ages, culminating in a breathtaking sunrise over the snowy amphitheater formed by Annapurna and Machapuchhare. It's from this vantage point that professional climbers commence their ascent to Annapurna 1. As you journey, you'll traverse a variety of climatic zones, from the tropical jungles, home to wild monkeys, to the icy snowscapes near the base camp.

The trek affords you views of iconic peaks such as Khinchuli (6441 m), Annapurna South (7279 m), Varah Shikar, Dhaulagiri I (8167 m), Annapurna III (7855 m), and the sacred Machapuchare (6993 m). The latter has been sanctified by the Nepalese government, with climbing it forbidden to preserve its sanctity. Legend has it that the Hindu deity Shiva resides at its summit, adding a layer of spiritual awe to its already formidable presence.
Nepal Team
We will do everything to ensure that your stay in Nepal leaves you with only the best impressions
Ilya Gorelof
I first came to Nepal many years ago during my long trip to Asia. Then I also visited India, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia and Laos. But it was Nepal that made the most indelible impression on me. Majestic, incomparably beautiful mountains, wonderful open people, a unique exotic culture, the spirit of real adventure - all this will sink into your soul for the rest of your life. I met many travelers in this country, and they all said with one voice: “We left our hearts here.” Indeed, the beauty of nature in these places simply did not let me go, I walked all kinds of routes and treks in different areas of the Himalayas, many several times, and each of them was unique in its own way. I flew out of Nepal and returned home, but very soon he called me back. Now my guides and I organize trekking in Nepal twice a year, during the high season in spring and autumn, and try to offer the most interesting and memorable Himalayan routes. We take great care in planning and organizing treks to make your trip to Nepal an unforgettable adventure.
Bishu Raj
Licensed mountain guide
Bishu is a sincere, kind, and very reliable person whom we met quite a long time ago in Nepal. Then he had just opened his hotel in a resort town called Pokhara. Bishu has an amazing life story. He was born into a poor family in one of Nepal's many high-mountain villages. When he turned 15, he began to actively help his parents. Since there are very few professional employment opportunities in Nepal, he, like many Nepalese, began working as a trekking porter. By the age of 18, having proven himself not only as a porter but also as a guide, he had already received a license as a professional Himalayan guide. Now Bishu has about 16 years of experience on various routes in Nepal and more than 100 treks under his belt, thanks to which he was able to open his own hotel for travelers. He is a great professional in his field and is always ready to help, advise and in every possible way provide you with maximum comfort during the trek, not to mention showing you the best on a particular route.
Anil Adakari
Licensed mountain guide
Anil is one of the regular guides we work with and is a very qualified and reliable guide. During his hiking practice, he visited the most remote corners of Nepal and knows a huge number of interesting routes. Anil is an absolutely tireless person, he is always ready to accompany you on an additional radial exit or just exploring the picturesque surroundings, even if the rest of the group is already tired and you are the only one willing. Anil has 11 sisters and not a single brother - apparently, this is why he is such an active, reliable guide, always protecting the group. After all, if not him, then who?)
Ramin Tavodi
Ramin deals with everything related to transport on our routes. He has his own transport company in Nepal, so he always makes sure that we transfer from the bus to the jeeps on time, catch the internal flight, successfully get back to Kathmandu from the Annapurna or Sagarmatha protected areas, and so on. There was not a single task of transporting a group to the most remote places of Nepal that Ramin could not solve in a timely manner and to our mutual admiration for his professionalism.
4 reasons to go trekking with us
1. Experience

We have trekked in Nepal many times and know these places well. We have extensive experience in mountain hiking and we know all the nuances and pitfalls that a person unprepared for a hike may encounter. Out of Town agency specialists will give you detailed travel recommendations and explain all the most important points associated with being in the mountains at high altitudes.

2. Professional guides.

The trusted guides we work with have led over 100 treks in various Himalayan regions.

3. Best price

Our price for trekking is the best on the market, it is 20% lower than competitors' prices, while we provide the same package of services. We achieve such favorable conditions through long-term cooperation with our partners in Nepal.

4. Author's route

Our treks in Nepal are different from the standard ones, we always try to offer you the best that there is on a particular route and discard boring or less interesting places.
See you in Nepal, friends!
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How to choose the best trek in Nepal for you?
Trekking has become an increasingly popular way to explore the world, with many adventurers setting off to various corners of the globe to embark on walking tours that bring them face-to-face with local cultures and natural wonders. Trekking allows you to witness the world firsthand, without the barriers of tourist infrastructure, offering authentic encounters with people and protected landscapes. Nepal, in particular, is renowned for offering some of the most spectacular trekking experiences on the planet, with each route providing a distinct adventure.

Choosing the right trek for yourself involves understanding the unique characteristics of each path. Let's examine some of the most celebrated treks in Nepal, focusing on their main features and distinctions.

  1. Natural Beauty: The allure of each trek in Nepal is undoubtedly its scenic landscapes. Each route showcases its own breathtaking vistas.

- Annapurna Trek: Renowned for its extraordinary natural diversity, this trek takes you from the tropical jungles and boreal forests, across alpine meadows, to the stark beauty of snowcapped realms and the Martian landscapes of deserts.

- Annapurna Base Camp Trek: This route is characterized by its jungle and tropical nature, transitioning into northern sceneries before culminating in the snowy expanses of the Base Camp. It's well-traveled, passing through numerous Nepalese mountain villages.

- Poonhill Trek: Known as the easiest and shortest trek, it nonetheless leads to one of Nepal's most spectacular panoramic viewpoints. Dominated by lush jungles and unique rhododendron forests, which are especially enchanting in spring bloom, this trek is a celebration of greenery.

- Everest Base Camp Trek: For those in search of the ultimate mountain scenery, this trek offers unparalleled views of snow-covered peaks, including the majestic Everest, particularly at sunrise—a sight many dreams of witnessing.

2. Accessibility: All these treks are manageable for someone with average physical fitness; specialized mountain training is not required. The Poonhill and Annapurna Base Camp Treks are particularly beginner-friendly, requiring no prior preparation. The Annapurna Circuit and Everest Base Camp Treks, while slightly more demanding, only necessitate basic cardio preparation, such as light jogging or other forms of cardio a few times a week.

Knowing these details, you're well-equipped to select the trek in Nepal that best suits your desires and capabilities, ensuring an unforgettable adventure amidst some of the world's most awe-inspiring landscapes.
Trekking in Nepal is an opportunity to visit the highest mountains on the planet, enjoy the amazing landscapes of the Himalayas, and get acquainted with one of the oldest cultures on Earth. Nepal is one of the most mysterious and exotic countries, whose territory is spread out in picturesque mountainous terrain. Approximately forty percent of this country is located at an altitude above 3 thousand meters. The state contains eight of the highest mountains in the world, including Everest.

Trekking in Nepal with the company “Out of town” is a unique experience and impressions that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. We offer tracks of varying difficulty. You do not need to have professional skills or ideal physical fitness to enjoy all the diversity of the nature of this country.

Features of trekking in Nepal

Trekking with us is not only about amazing adventures, beautiful landscapes, and getting to know the unique culture of the country. It is also relatively comfortable. You don't need to carry a lot of equipment, food, dishes, etc. with you. All overnight stays along the route will take place in guest houses in the mountains of Nepal, where you can sleep in a bed, take a hot shower, eat freshly prepared food, and have a good rest.

During the hike, you will see everything that this country is famous for - inaccessible and majestic mountain peaks, colorful sunrises and sunsets, amazing canyons and passes. You will also get to know the amazing local fauna. The nature of Nepal has all climatic zones and combines jungles, meadows, forests, rocky deserts, and snow-capped mountain peaks.

Another feature is accessibility. Buying a trek in Nepal is quite simple. Contact our specialists by WhatsApp, phone number, or email, leave a request on the “Out of town” website, and make your travel dream come true!