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Breath of the Himalayas

Fall 2024:

Group 1: 11.10.2024 - 21.10.2024 (Spots - 16, Free - 0)

Group 2: 11.10.2024 - 21.10.2024 (Spots - 16, Free - 0)

Spring 2025

05.03.2025 - 14.04.2025 (Spots - 14, Free - 5)

We invite you on this mesmerizingly beautiful trek that will pass through tropical jungles, fabulous rhododendron forests, green rice terraces and sparkling snow-capped peaks, ultimately leading us to the famous observation point - an amphitheater between the highest peaks of the Himalayas. We will visit the foothills of the famous Machapuchre and Annapurna mountains, admire the views of the endless Chomrong Valley, swim in hot mountain springs near the rapid flow of the Madi Khola River, and enjoy beautiful panoramas around every new turn.
So, in numbers
10 days
Accompanied by professional guides, eight-thousander mountains and dizzying views

4130 metres
The height of the culmination point of our route - a fabulous amphitheater, surrounded on all sides by giant snowy peaks
Favorable price - you are unlikely to find such an offer with this package of services anywhere else
This trek is included in the list of the best hiking routes in the world, and for good reason: the views that you will admire in Nepal can hardly be compared in beauty with anything else on the planet. You will definitely remember these 10 intense days for the rest of your life. This route differs from other Nepalese treks in its accessibility and is suitable for all ages and levels of physical fitness, the only thing that is required of you is the ability to walk for a long time over rough terrain.
in details
Tour program
Day 1. Kathmandu
Arrival in Kathmandu, introduction, check-in at the hotel. You will have the opportunity to rest after the journey, then we will buy the missing equipment, check our backpacks and have dinner on the roof of one of the best panoramic restaurants in Kathmandu. If there is time left, we go for a walk around the evening city.
Day 2. Kathmandu - Landruk
We move to Landruk - a picturesque Nepalese village located on the slope of green rice terraces stretching for many kilometers around. Part of our panoramic road will be carried out by minibuses, and after arriving in the city of Pokhara we will transfer to jeeps that are more suitable for the steeply climbing road. In the afternoon, at sunset, we walk along the multi-step streets of Landruk, where locals are harvesting and carefree Nepalese children are running around. There are numerous panoramic cafes serving traditional Nepalese masala tea. The majestic snow peaks are already clearly visible on the horizon, towards which we will set off the next morning.
Day 3. Landruk - Chomrong
From Landruk we continue our journey along the Madi Khola River, periodically crossing it through hanging bridges, moving from one bank to the other. Along the way we will see several waterfalls and small settlements. Then we climb the stone steps into the tropics, where a jungle full of life and colors instantly closes over our heads. Flowers are fragrant here and exotic birds are singing, and green terraces of rice plantations are growing again around the villages. In this bright surroundings, we will travel to our overnight destination - the village of Chomrong. Chomrong is a wonderful viewing point, and people with unlimited time often ask guides to stay for several days to fully enjoy the panorama that opens from here. We check into a small guest house, from where, in good weather, we have an excellent view of South Annapurna, Khinchuli and Machapuchhare.
Day 4. Chomrong - Bambu
Chomrong not only offers beautiful views of the endless valleys, but also a huge number of coffee shops and open terraces from which you can admire the views. They even offer massages here for a very reasonable fee. But our path leads us further, and, climbing the gorge of the Madi Khola River, along cascading waterfalls, we reach the village of Bambu. The nature of the vegetation around us is constantly changing: tropical jungles turn into forests, and those in their own very soon will give way to shrubs. There is less greenery, and the snowy peaks are getting closer.
Day 5. Bamboo - Machapuchre Base Camp
The path from the forest zone passes into the zone of alpine meadows, and after passing through a long canyon, surrounded on both sides by huge rocks protruding like teeth, we gradually approach our current overnight location. This is a large guest house at the foot of Mount Machapuchre, a legendary sacred mountain whose peak has an unusual fish-tail shape. We are surrounded by steep mountain slopes on all sides, and we have to lift our heads to see the sky. The last ascent of Machapuchre was undertaken in 1957 by an English expedition. Then the climbers turned back, not reaching the top 50 meters, since the government of Nepal prohibits climbing to the peak of this mountain - it is believed that the god Shiva lives there and entry is closed to mere mortals.
Day 6. Annapurna Base Camp - Himalaya hotel
We get up early in the morning to watch the sunrise with one of the most stunning panoramic views in Nepal. Annapurna Base Camp is located in a beautiful mountain amphitheater, surrounded on all sides by gigantic snow-capped peaks. The climb there is smooth, without steep climbs. We will walk between the peaks of Annapurna, each of which will take your breath away. After watching how the sun gradually colors the surrounding peaks in soft pink tones and examining the stupa installed here, dedicated to the famous Russian climber Anatoly Boukreev, we return to the guest house and have breakfast. Then we leave Annapurna Base Camp and descend into the evergreen thickets surrounding the Himalaya village.
Day 7. Himalaya hotel - Jinu Danda
We continue our descent down to civilization. Our path today lies towards the village of Jinu Danda, which is located at the intersection of two green valleys. A 20-minute walk from here in the valley of the Modi-Khola River there are hot thermal springs. There are three swimming pools here, in the lowest of which the water temperature reaches up to 40 degrees. A relaxing soak in the natural hot springs is a great way to give your body a good rest after days of intense trekking.
Day 8. Jinu Danda - Pokhara
This is perhaps the easiest day of our trek. We go down to the Kimrong Khola River and cross it on a small bridge, every now and then looking back at the huge snowy mountains left behind. The road passes through evergreen trees, palm trees, rice fields, hanging bridges and villages. By mid-day we reach Suli Bazaar, where a bus will be waiting for us to take us to Pokhara.
Day 9. Pokhara
We spend the whole day relaxing in Pokhara near Lake Phewa, where you can ride boats on the water, walk along the beautiful embankment, or, if desired, just sit on the shore and meditate, restoring the energy more than spent during the trek. For those who can't sit still, there are other interesting activities. Including, we can arrange for you a paragliding flight over the lake and the green hills of Pokhara (optional). Believe me, you will remember this adventure for a long time! In the evening we gather for a festive dinner.
Day 10. Pokhara - Kathmandu
Transfer to Kathmandu.
Flight home.
This track will suit you if
  • 1
    You are looking for real adventure
    The trek is always the maximum escape from everyday life. You will forget about work, the daily routine, and experience real, vivid emotions - all this is there, in the Himalayas.
  • 2
    You want to give yourself something to be proud of
    Walk this path in a close-knit team of like-minded people, overcoming great heights. At the end, you will receive a document stating that you have completed an amazing high-mountain route, where all the sections of the path you have traveled will be marked.
  • 3
    You lack inspiration
    These are the views that change lives. Perhaps you feel that you are mentally stuck in place, you want to move forward and get a second wind. Or maybe you just want to have an interesting time and fill yourself with new impressions. Trek is the perfect option to do this. You will find yourself on the other side of the world, see the highest mountains in the world, come into contact with another culture - do what others have only read about in books.
Valid until April 1, 2024. Next - $1100
  • Included in the price:
    • Accommodation along the entire route
    • Paid transport for the entire route
    • Registration of permits to enter the protected area
    • Registration of an individual trekker card
    • Tickets for all paid attractions included in our program
    • Guide services
    • Consultations on purchasing the necessary clothing
    • Instructions
    • Escort and any necessary assistance along the entire route
  • Not included in the price:
    • Flights Your city - Kathmandu - Your city
    • Meals ($20 per day)
    • Insurance for high-mountain trekking
    • Porters (optional - $18 per day)
    • Visa
4 reasons to go trekking with us
1. Experience

We have trekked in Nepal many times and know these places well. We have extensive experience in mountain hiking and we know all the nuances and pitfalls that a person unprepared for a hike may encounter. Out of Town agency specialists will give you detailed travel recommendations and explain all the most important points associated with being in the mountains at high altitudes.

2. Professional guides

The trusted guides we work with have led over 100 treks in various Himalayan regions.

3. Best price

Our price is the best on the market, it is 20% lower than competitors' prices, while we provide the same package of services. We achieve such favorable conditions through long-term cooperation with our partners in Nepal.

4. Author's route

Our treks in Nepal are different from the standard ones, we always try to offer you the best that there is on a particular route and discard boring or less interesting places.
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Upon completing your trek, you'll be awarded a special trekker card that meticulously documents the path you've traversed. This card serves as a tangible memento of your exhilarating journey, ensuring that the memories of your adventure remain vivid for years to come.
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Necessary equipment
You definitely need to have the following things with you to feel comfortable on your hike:
  • Jacket
    storm waterproof and windproof with a tightly cinched high neck and hood, with a cinched hem and sleeves that allow you to compress your wrists with velcro
  • Thick sweater
    made of Polartek (or a warm thick woolen sweater) with a high, tight neck.
  • sleeveless T-shirt
    breathable synthetic or cotton, 2-3 pcs.
  • Thin jacket
    made of polartek or fleece (or a thin woolen sweater) with a high, tight neck
  • Gloves
    fleece or special sports ones, for trekking poles, if they start to rub
  • Trekking pants
    breathable synthetics, cotton or other breathable fabric
  • Backpack
    volume 60 liters
  • Trekking poles
    with length adjustment
  • Thermos
    volume 0.5 or liter
  • Thermal underwear
    bottom under trekking pants and top under a jacket
  • Wide pants
    moisture- and windproof, possible without insulation
  • Underwear
    3-5 sets
  • Wool Socks
    to feel comfortable during overnight stays
  • Trekking boots
    definitely already well worn
  • Sleeping bag
    with comfort zone -5
  • Sneakers
    to replace indoor trekking boots
  • Chocolate bars
    very useful for long walks
  • Raincoat
    wide enough for you to fit in with your backpack
  • Headlamp
    necessarily with new batteries
  • Sunglasses
    special sports or ordinary, but with good protection
  • Suncream
    30-50 SPF
  • Toiletries
    toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, small shampoo, toilet paper, deodorant
  • Backpack cover
  • Medicine
    take everything you need in reserve; getting medicine during the trek can be very problematic

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